At Stealth Furniture we want you to be completely satisfied with your secret compartment furniture. Therefore we try to eliminate any of the surprises associated with making a purchase of this nature. With that in mind please visit our FAQs section. It is chock-full of useful tips and general information about our products.

We want you to feel safe knowing your hidden stash is out of reach of the people you’re hiding it from. If you have any questions about our hidden compartments please feel free to Contact Us.


If you are storing firearms in this unit we strongly recommend doing so with all of the weapon’s locks and safety precautions in place. You are storing them here at your own risk. While we stand behind our products and believe them to be excellent deterrents, we do not guarantee them to be completely theft or child proof. This unit is not fire proof. Please remember that a secret is only as good as the person keeping it. Be cautious about with whom you share your secret compartments.

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