Clothes Storage (Storage For All Seasons and Sizes)

Clothes Storage (Storage For All Seasons and Sizes)

Children grow, and adults change sizes (some through pregnancy and post-pregnancy recovery and some through dietary changes due to overeating or exercise). Depending on where you live as well, your need for clothes for different seasons, is going to change. My wife and I have had four children and each of those children have changed sizes as they grow, yet we may want to save clothes for hand-me downs to the next kid down.  Even at a baby shower when other people buy you clothes, you will generally end up with a few different sizes. Storage for your closet then, ends up needing to be, not just for the clothes that you are wearing now, but for the clothes that you want to wear 3 months or 6 months from now. Even for the fashion conscious, there will always be that ebb and flow of clothes that you still want to keep, but aren’t ready to give away yet.

6-Drawer Dresser:

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Our Wide Dresser is a great way to have some extra storage built in to your closet. Store those clothes that you can’t wear yet, or don’t want to get rid of just yet in the top of your dresser without them clogging up your drawers. If you have summer clothes such as shorts and short sleeve shirts, you can store them during the cold months. If you have those sweaters and thick corduroy pants that you want stowed away during the summer, put them in the hidden storage at the top of the dresser and keep it out of sight until the season changes.

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