Traveling And Coming Home (Home Concierge Solutions)

Traveling And Coming Home (Home Concierge Solutions)

When I am getting ready to leave my home to go on a trip (or even to work honestly), I love having my things organized. I get my cables, devices, music, pens, books and personal toiletries in order. The bag goes in a bag and the organizer in another bag and maybe all of those in another bag. You never know what you will need on the plane, in the Uber, at the hotel, at the meeting after  you get there. When you are outside of your own home, everything is in order, why not have the same at home? A concierge desk at the hotel is a place where you can leave your things, know they will be kept safe, and get them back when you are done. Our Secret Compartment Furniture can be your concierge in your very own home. Instead of strewing your things around on the counters or shelves or any horizontal surface that you can find when you come in the door, why not have your own space that you can put all of your things, right by the door? Figure out what kind of things you are carrying when you come in, and find the solution that fits your needs the best below:

Wide Dresser. (Buy it Here):

If you have a garage or a mudroom, our Wide Dresser is a great way to have a lot of flat-horizontal storage to put even your biggest items. One side could be used for your duty belt, the other side could be flat storage for your body armor or bullet-proof vest. If you have a purse, a laptop bag, a couple of work tablets or a briefcase that you just want locked away so that you can forget it until it is time to go back to work, drop it into the hidden compartment in the top of our Wide Dresser and get to your home life knowing that it is safe and secure, locked away, hidden, safe and secure. Of course the six fully-functional drawers are also great for storing boots, work shoes, pants or coveralls, carhart bibs, jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves or any other item that you want to keep out of the house.

Tall Dresser: (Buy it Here):

Our Tall Dresser has a tall back compartment which can hold shotguns, batons, baseball bats or hockey sticks or any other long item in the back compartment. The top of our Tall Dresser also has a large flat compartment perfect for body armor or bulletproof vest storage or for storage of a duty belt or firearm. The Tall Dresser also puts your items high up as the access point for the lock is at the back of the dresser against the wall adding an extra degree of difficulty to anyone trying to access your hidden items. Of course the five fully-functional drawers are also great for storing boots, work shoes, pants or coveralls, carharts bibs, jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves or any other item that you want to keep out of the house.

Entry/Sofa Table (Buy It Here):

Our Entry Table is a great stowaway space for a gun, club, bat or other long item. The RFID lock or Keypad lock will keep your items safe until you open it up. When the lock is opened, the door will swing down and allow for easy access to the secret compartment for storage or retrieval of whatever you need to keep hidden away.

Night Stands (Buy Them Here):

End Tables (Buy Them Here):

Even if you have a simple layout for your home with no extra mudroom or garage, there will be room for one of our simple nightstands or end tables. If you have a tablet, business cell phone, small purse, handgun, set of work keys or a pile of documents or folders, one of our nightstands or end tables will give you a way to have a locking, hidden, storage space, right by the door where you can deposit your work, close it up and get on with your home life.

Wall Mounted Picture Frames, Mirrors and Shelves (Buy Them Here):

Even if there is no space left on the ground, consider one of our wall-mounted solutions for your safety deposit box. Come in the door, slide your RFID key past the front of the picture or mirror and swing open the door to store away your work keys, tablet, cell phone, folders, firearms or any other items that you just want to have out of your pockets and know exactly where they are when it is time to head back out again. Our picture frames are a great way to keep your entryway personalized, customizable and welcoming, artsy or whatever your vibe is. We have designed a front drop-in photo rail that allows you to print off your favorite collection of 16″x20″ photos or art and swap them out whenever you like. Companies like VistaPrint offer printable PVC or foam-board or order our frame+picture package, upload your photo to our site and we will print it off for you and ship it with the frame. You can always swap it out with one of your own, whenever you like.


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