Living Room (Hiding A Few of My Favorite Things)

Living Room (Hiding A Few of My Favorite Things)

The favorite chair, we all have one and I love mine. I may have my favorite book (or twenty) my headphones, remote control, phone and iPad, pens, journals, notebooks. Anything could be stacked up next to it. I don’t want my kids playing with my expensive headphones, or tearing up my favorite Bible, pulling out my bookmark, scribbling in my journal or killing the battery on my iPad. Whatever I need to keep next to my chair, I want it there when I sit down with coffee to finally get some relaxing time in. Our secret compartment night stands, and end-tables are the perfect companion to your armchair. You can choose if you want one or two drawers, one or two shelves and the size of the secret compartment that will best fit your needs. We even have one that comes with a built in hidden safe. For simple clutter relief a touch latch will do. If you want more security add an rfid lock that opens with a plastic key that you slide past the center of the back to open. Use the plastic key as a bookmark or keep it in your wallet or tucked away anywhere you like. We even have a wireless keypad version (nobody else uses your special game controller again!)

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Collectibles are amazing! You get home from the baseball card shop, the coin collector expo, you finally got your hands on the special custom made tool, weapon, or electronic device and you just want to sit and marvel at your treasure. We have those moments too, you just need to hide your new favorite toy, but not too far away because you will want to show your wife just one more time, how cool this limited edition, custom made mint condition collector’s item is. Our nightstands and end tables are a great place to store your collectibles, add a fireproof bag for extra protection and portability, should you ever need to go out to the swap meet or the expo and take your treasure with you.


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Board games are wonderful and we enjoy being able to pull them out and play, but maybe you don’t want to go to the closet and sift through the pile to find your favorite chess set, party game, or the scrabble board. Maybe you are all comfortable on the couch with your blankets and drinks and snacks and you just don’t want to get up. With our secret compartment coffee table you can keep your favorite game right there, but tucked away out of sight. Our simple touch latch allows you to put things away or keep them handy but hidden right by the couch. You are right in the middle of the puzzle or a game and the grandkids just rang the doorbell. Company is coming and you are pulling out those classy coffee table books that you usually have stowed away. Maybe you just need a spot to tuck the clutter away that was on the table before your unexpected company showed up? Maybe the kids are always losing your remote controls or you need a spot to tuck away those wireless headphones or game controllers? We have a spot for that.

Coffee Table:

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It is time to decorate for Christmas, put away the fall oranges and brown and get out the green and red.

“Honey can you go up to the attic?”

Why not just store the decorations inside the entryway table? Flip the door down, pull out the holiday colored vase, that cloth that goes on top, and the bucket of pine cones, tuck those little stuffed pumpkins away and get back to the game. You’re welcome!

Sofa Table:

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Think about anything that you want to have in your living space, but not you know… “in” your living space, whatever it is, we have a solution. Just don’t ask us to go up in the attic and get it.

Hidden Compartment Storage:

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