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Concealed Carry At Home (Are You Concealing Enough?)

See the chart below for the size of each of our secret compartments. If you need something custom, use our custom-shop form at the top of our website to get something built for you.

Are you concealing your Concealed Carry at Home?


Concealment Furniture Solutions:


Your number one goal is to protect your family. At Stealth Furniture we know it is important to protect your family from the protection tools as well. Once you have your weapon concealed appropriately in a piece of our furniture, you should be able to rest well, knowing that you can get to it, while keeping any one else from finding it. When an emergency comes, the best way to protect your precious people is to have a plan to get them: to a safe place, as quickly as possible, for as long as possible, and to keep them from being noticed. If you can get you and yours all concealed and hidden away until the danger passes,  you will have succeeded. We highly recommend that you insure and/or store anything of value away from those that you love. An offsite location such as a bank-deposit box, storage unit or one of our secret compartment furniture pieces tucked away in grandma’s attic or some other secure location is a great way to keep yourself from having to make tough decisions about whether to try and protect your people or your things if an invader comes to your home. When confrontation is inevitable, items that are insured can walk out the door and be replaced, people cannot. If the intention of an invader is to both steal and destroy, there is first a need for communication with the outside world to get help while you do your best to hold the fort. You should invest in several extra communication devices that can dial 911, or a home security system with a panic button. Store away your SOS devices in several places in the home, this will allow you to reach out and ask for help without having to get to one specific place. Focus on getting yourself and your loved ones to safety in order to buy time for backup to arrive. Once everyone is safe, it is comforting to know that you have several stashes of weapons in different parts of the home that could come in to play, should you choose to use them. There are a lot of very important things to consider when considering having a weapon stored in your home: Do I know how to use it? Am I likely to encounter someone who is invading my home and is better qualified at using this weapon than I am? Could I end up losing the weapon in a confrontation and now providing my assailant with a weapon that they did not have before, as well as an intent to harm me and my family that was not there until I pulled out a weapon and upped the stakes? What help can I get to put together a plan that will give me the best chances of keeping everyone safe and not ever having to use my weapon? When I do get into a place where I know that I will choose to use it, where do I want to be and what are my goals? Do I have clear education on what to do and what the ramifications will be if I injure or kill an invader? These are all things to consider and to take specific action to seek professional advice about. There are lots of resources available, on-site training, seminars, classes, videos and books that will help you put together the best plan for your situation.


If I am a concealed carry individual I need to keep the same things in mind at home as I keep in public: I want to have what I need to protect my family, without endangering my family. If I get to a place where I will need to use a weapon, I need to make sure that me using that weapon is not going to endanger my family more. If I have a gun in my home, I want it to be in a place where no one else will ever get to it (by accident or on purpose) without me being intentional and involved in the process. Our concealed furniture solutions can give you a place where you can safely store your concealed carry at home. Below we have presented a couple of ideas that will make it extremely difficult and inconvenient for anyone but you to find your concealed carry in your home, using a couple of our pieces of furniture as ideas.


5-Drawer Dresser:

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Our 5-Drawer Dresser is probably the safest solution that we sell. It is quite tall at 52 inches and the top opens from the center of the back (the dresser is 22 inches deep). It is easy for you as a full-grown adult to wave the plastic card past the middle of the back to activate the sliding top and pull it towards you, but this would not be easy for a child to do, even if they did find your card and know where to wave it. The top of the dresser slides toward you if you are standing in front of it, so you need to be tall enough to stand in front of the dresser and be able to reach over the lid to get to the compartment once it is open, so unless you are tall enough and your arms are long enough, you won’t be able to get to the back compartment to reach what is stored back there, unless you stand beside the dresser. Once the dresser slide-top is open there are several compartments in the dresser where magnets can be mounted to secure a weapon. You could mount these magnets half-way down the back compartment where they could not be seen or accidentally discovered.  Another option for hiding a weapon so that it is still not visible even once the compartment is open, is to mount a holstered gun or magnets to the underside of the sliding lid so that it slides away revealing a seemingly empty compartment (the gun is actually mounted to the underside of the lid). Another alternative for hiding your weapon even deeper is to utilize the customized foam that we sell: The foam can be scored with a hobby knife on the top or bottom side of the foam; therefore a weapon could be custom fit into the bottom side of the foam so that anyone who manages to get into the compartment sees the item that is on top of the foam without thinking of removing the foam, and flipping it over to look underneath.


Coffee Table:

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The living room, entryway or hallway is a great place to keep a go-to weapon right by the door. Our entryway table is very simple and its hinged end drops down when the lock is opened up, and stays securely locked when it is not. An RFID plastic card can be stored close to the table or a wireless keypad lock can be stored nearby that will open up the table when you need it opened. Remember to not show off your cool new piece of furniture to your kids or guests or anyone else; It is cool, but it defeats the purpose of it being secret, and could lead to children getting severely injured or killed if they did decide that they just have to get in to the hiding place. Keep your hiding places hidden; don’t show anyone. We recommend storing the RFID keys and/or Keypad high-up where children cannot reach them. Secret Compartment Books or other simple diversion safe type devices (ornaments, art etc.) are great for hiding this key. The key is a white plastic rectangle with no markings on it (about the size of a credit card) and it must be inches away from the lock release on the furniture for it to work; So even if someone were to find the key, they would not know what to do with it or where to go try it out. If you have a wireless keypad, it can be hidden as well. Of course, even if this keypad is found, the passcode still has to be guessed in order to open the lock using this device. If someone were to find it, they still would not have any indication of what the keypad itself would unlock either.


Entry/Sofa Table:

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If you just want to conceal a club or a baseball bat in a piece of furniture, or a cellphone to use to call 911 in case of emergency, or a bag of important documents that you may need to get in a hurry, our entryway table, coffee table and side-table all come with a touch-latch option for quick easy access. Never store anything truly dangerous behind a touch-latch, or within the reach of children.


Wall-Mounted Picture Frame/Mirror:

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Mirrors and framed photos are very popular wall ornamentation in almost any room of the home. We recommend having several inconspicuous hiding places like these distributed around the house. Utilizing one of our wall-mounted secret compartments to conceal a handgun is a very viable solution as it gets the weapon up at a level where you can reach it, while keeping it out of the reach of little ones. It is on you to be sure to never open it up in front of them or get them wondering how it works. Our RFID plastic card locks and our Wireless Keypad Coded Locks are the most common locks used on our wall mounted options. Keys and Keypads should be hidden: close, safe, not obvious and high off the ground. The RFID key must be waived inches away from the access point, which only you will know. The keypad code must be entered in correctly if you have a wireless keypad lock. Once the hiding place is open, the option to customize foam inserts for our mirrors or picture frames allows a gun to be stored in a cutout on the front of the foam for faster access, or on the back of the foam if you want an additional level of concealment.


Night Stands:

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We have designed 4 distinct types of nightstands and all of them are a great way to have your firearm right by your bed where you can get it easily. Depending on the size of the handgun, how you want to access it and how deeply you want it hidden, one of our solutions should be obvious to you. The deepest hiding place for a concealed carry that you want to get to (but don’t mind taking a minute to access) would be our Type 3 nightstand(insert link and photo here). The casual observer simply sees a square side-table with an open bottomed shelf, and a square top with vertical panels on four sides. The Type 3 has no drawer in it, so when the top slides back there is ample space to store even a sizable handgun and ammo. There is even a version that we sell that has a built-in safe. If you want to conceal the safe, you can purchase customizable foam that could sit on top of the safe with a cutout for some other item such as a journal or some other item that someone could thumb through, count as worthless and move on, without ever pulling the foam out and looking under it. Our Type 2 Nighstand is the same size as the Type 3, but with a non-locking drawer in it. If you don’t put a handle on the drawer, someone might not think it was a drawer, if you do put a handle on it, or even if someone opens it, they will not see that there is a back compartment behind the drawer that can only be accessed by unlocking the back with the RFID key or Keypad lock and sliding the top forward. This compartment would fit a smaller handgun. Our Type 1 (2 closed shelves bookshelf style) and Type 4 (2 drawer) nightstands have a slide-to-reveal hidden top compartment that is larger than the Type 1 compartment but not as large as the Type 3 compartment.  All of these nightstand solutions will get your protection hidden right by your bed, only accessible to you, with the keys or code that you hide or memorize.



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Our Bed Headboard is our largest and most practical arsenal storage. For quick-access, we have long compartments built into each of the legs of the headboard. The leg compartments will open with an RFID or Keypad lock and are a simple, swing-open hinged door that allow you to hang your gun vertically and get to it quickly in the night. Our headboard itself is equipped with a TV-lift style mechanism that allows a smooth, albeit slightly slower, reveal of a large compartment that could store your entire collection.


6-Drawer Dresser:

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When you get home from a hard day of duty, the first thing that you want to do is to get your duty belt off, get your body armor laid flat so that it won’t bulge in the morning. Our 6-Drawer Dresser has 2 separate compartments in the top that will let you store your items away so that you can forget about them until it is time to go back into action. The secret compartments are an extra bonus because our 6-Drawer Dresser also has 6 drawers that are fully usable and an awesome TV Lift in the back that will hold a huge television and bring it up for entertainment and relaxation. The TV is hidden away, which is one less thing for thieves to be attracted to, the dresser just does what it does as a dresser as well.