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Fire Escape Plan-Keep It Safe By The Door

FPW17EscapePlanGridFire Escape Plans involve identifying a couple of exits from each room to get your people out as quickly as possible. Being able to easily and quickly retrieve the items that you need the most from one simple central location (preferably near a door or window) will make things much simpler as you are running out of the house. Our Concealment Furniture will allow you to store your valuables in an easily accessible location near an exit. Our Fireproof Bags will even buy extra time for your belongings in the event that you are not able to get them on your way out and have to wait until the area is safe to go back and get your stuff.


Our Entryway table can be equipped with a quick access touch-latch. The touch-latch allows for a simple push-to-release at the top of the vertical panel at the end of the table which will cause the hinged panel to swing down to reveal a fireproof bag filled with your critical documents, keepsakes or anything that you just can’t replace. When you put your items in a fireproof bag, you are buying hours or time which will give the firemen time to put out the flames even if you can’t get your items on the way out the door.


When it is time to escape your home due to fire, you need to get your people out safely. If you are stopping to think about anything else, you could be endangering lives. We recommend insuring your valuables and storing anything that cannot be replaced in another place far away from your home and your loved ones. There will be some things that you want to keep near you that are irreplaceable, if you can store those items in a fireproof bag, our products will help buy the firefighters some time to do their job. Hopefully that extra time will save your possessions. If you can get your items in a fireproof bag by the door, you may be able to get it on the way out, or you may be able to get it after the fire has been put out. If you have something by a door or window, we would recommend having a simple touch-latch mechanism on it, so that you can pull it out of the furniture quickly.


Not all buildings burn to the ground. It is possible of course that the whole house goes up, but it is also possible that parts of the home won’t get touched by the flames. If you store your items around the home in different places and far away from the most common sources of flame (don’t store paper money in the kitchen in a coffee can in other words), you may buy some time and diversify the chances that your secret compartment furniture will all burn up. If you add a fireproof bag to each piece of furniture, you will buy yourself a little more time. Stay safe and do your best to let the fire department do the fire extinguishing part of their job while you rest in safety. Your insurance will help with the cleanup. We hope that our furniture can help to save a few things for you.