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Mudroom (Just Keep It Clean)

We have the mudroom. It is supposed to be a place where mud is ok. But do you really want the kids hanging their wet jackets on top of your nice leather coat? The beautiful fur (or faux fur) that you hunted down last year (whether in the woods or the mall), is wonderful, but you don’t want it in your closet, or anywhere where mud is quite frankly. What about that $240 pair of white suede basketball shoes that you don’t want scuffed up (or worn by your son to take a quick trip out to empty the garbage). Our Wide Dresser (insert link and photo) is a great way to have great storage in a mudroom that is secure and dry and under lock and electronic key. Our Wide Dresser has 6 fully functional drawers that everyone can stuff their hats, gloves, scarves, socks and everything else into and a big flat top that is great for putting baskets for organizing other things. The fun part of this amazing hidden compartment piece is that the whole top slides back to reveal 2 full drawer-width compartments that are big enough to store your nice coats, white suede shoes, weapons, hunting gear, duty belts, body armor, or any other item that you want to store flat and away from prying eyes and muddy fingers.


6-Drawer Dresser:

(Buy It At Link Below):

We all have those tools that everyone can use. Please try not to lose them, please put them back…but they don’t. For all of those tools that you don’t want them to ever touch for safety reasons or to borrow or even use (even just once) our Wide dresser and its locking top secret compartment is there for you. The six regular drawers are great for holding the other tools that you don’t mind keeping round for ever so occasional family use. If you take your garage seriously (if it insulated and warm enough) our Wide Dresser also comes in a TV lift version, which will let you store away a big-screen for when you need to go out and work on the honey-do list (or catch a game…either one).