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Secret Compartment Storage for Children's Room

Hidden Compartment Storage:

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Little kids love to hide things! My three year old loves to walk around with little boxes, little bags, little buckets of things. One of his favorite things to do is to hide things and then show them to us. It is something about the reveal, about owning the hiding place and being the one who can open up the door and then close it again. Our secret compartment furniture is a great way for kids to have their own secret hiding spots for their favorite toys or keepsakes. Little girls have their diaries, little boys have their favorite action figure. All kids have that one toy that they just want to keep away from their siblings. The hidden compartments that we build into all of our furniture will give your kids something special in their rooms where they can put things and take them out and put them back in again.



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If you have a little boy, at some point there will be a light saber or a sword, a bat or a hockey stick that you just don’t know where to put. Our Headboard has two, swing-out leg compartments, that allow for storage of long items and keeps them out of sight when they are not needed.


5-Drawer Dresser:

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If the rowdy friends are coming over, the lightsabers can be hidden away. Our tall dresser has a back compartment to it as well, if you just need the kids to take a break and need a good hiding place for those bats, and sabers and swords that fall out of the top of the closet when you try to store them up there.


Night Stands:

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Our Nightstands all offer sliding tops which can be useful as storage for the little treasures, favorite books, stuffed toys that need to stay safe while the little one is away at school, a safe-deposit box for the tooth fairy, or whatever else you can think of!


Wall-Mounted Picture Frame/Mirror:

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Our Mirrors and Picture Frames are great places to store medicine, thermometers, first-aid kits or to hide away devices when parents have turned off screen time and need a place to safely store a phone or music player.


6-Drawer Dresser:

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Our 6-Drawer Dresser is an amazing way to equip a child’s room with an entertainment center that can be hidden and put away when not in use. The back section has a TV lift which allows for remote control lifting up of the television. The sliding top pulls back to reveal 2 separate large compartments that are great for storing game consoles, blu ray players, extra controllers and games and Christmas presents for mom and dad that they don’t want you to know about until the night before! The six drawers are fully functional dresser drawers and will give them ample space to shove their clothes in when it is time to clean up quickly so that they can earn their screen time.