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Your Secrets Are Safe (But Accessible)

We all have those things that we like to hide. We hide them in the closet, in the top drawer, in the bottom drawer, behind the dresser, under the bed, on the shelf, we lean them against the wall and hide them with clothes. It all works…kind of. We wanted better hiding places, convenient ones, cool ones, hiding places with remote controls and buttons, and little beeps and lights and passwords. We hope that you enjoy the hiding places that we have made.



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Our new Headboard is so fun. We have wired up the best motorized lift that we could find for a smooth spy-secret style reveal of whatever you decide to hide back there. Add to this that you get to push a button on a remote control to get it started, and you have the coolest bed in your neighborhood (just don’t tell anyone else about it). The headboard has extra secret compartments in the legs as well, you can store a baseball bat in there if you want, or anything else that you want to keep hidden away. In a child’s bedroom this could be filled with diapers, blu-rays, video games. The grade school kids might keep their lightsabers or baseball bats in there and their video game consoles in the back of the headboard. Teenagers might want a TV itself stored away back there.


6-Drawer Dresser:

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Our Wide Dresser has his and hers sides to it. You can hide whatever you like in the top. The TV is hidden away in the back compartment and comes up with an amazing TV lift, it is hidden away so that thieves won’t see it. Your TV does not need to block the beautiful view out your window or the beautiful art on your wall. The top of your dresser does not need to be littered with jewelry boxes, electronics, wallets, keys and other things that are going to be the first things that thieves go for in a break in. With our Wide Dresser and Tall Dresser, we have large compartments under the lid where you can keep your valuables, weapons, and secrets safe from detection. You can now visually clean up your bedroom, closet or ensuite and free up space for decoration or anything else that you might want to put on top of your dresser.



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Our Nightstands are all a bit different but all four are very useful. Choose your favorite combination of drawers and shelves according to the size of compartment that you need, close the compartment and sleep well, knowing that you have what you need close to you, but well concealed. Even the fully functional Type 2 (single drawer version) with the smallest compartment (15.875 x 3.625 x 6″) can still hold a firearm, phone or wallet or watch under the lid, behind the drawer. For a slightly larger compartment our Type 1 (two-shelf version) nightstand has a larger flat compartment (19.5 x 3 x 14″) underneath the sliding lid. Our Type 4 (two-drawer version) has the same larger flat compartment (19.5 x 3 x 14″) underneath the sliding lid. Our Type 3 (single open-shelf with no drawer) looks like a simple table with an open shelf underneath but has a much larger compartment (15.875 x 18.875 x 6″), we can even pre-install a safe into the compartment for you if you want an added measure of security and safety.