6-Drawer Wide Dresser-Media Console - Java Black Enamel

SKU: 462

6-Drawer Double Wide Media Console Dresser With Handles and Optional Hidden Remote- Controlled Electric TV Lift, 2 Large, Long, Wide, Deep Secret Compartments.


Custom Fit Tray Light
Custom Fit Tray Dark
TV Lift
6-Drawer Rack

6-Drawer Dresser With TV Mount. Stealth Furniture Lifestyle from Stealth Furniture on Vimeo.

6-Drawer Media Console Dresser
67.5 x12 x 5.5” Secret Compartment Under The Lid.
67.5 x 34.5 x 8.5” Full Height Back Compartment.
Available in 3 Finishes or Custom Color, with Push Latch, RFID Lock or Wireless Keypad Lock.
Accessories: Foam, Magnets, Fireproof Bags, Fire Containment Bags, Trays, Remote Controlled Electric TV-Lift

All Televisions have different diagonal dimensions. We have successfully mounted a Sharp 58" Television in this unit.

Measure your television or search online for the manufacturer's measurements.

TV compartment: 67.5" (width) x 34.5"(height-allow an extra 2-3 inches for bottom of TV) x 8.5" (front-to-back)

Main Compartment under the lid: 67.5"(width) x 12" (front-to-back) x 5.5" (top to bottom)

Top Drawer Boxes: 28"x13"x4".

Bottom and Middle Drawer Boxes: 28"x13"x6"


Unpacked Furniture All Compartments Closed in Inches:
71.5 wide
24.5 deep
36 high
Unpacked Furniture All Compartments Open in Inches:
71.5 wide
38.5 deep (47 inches deep if purchased with no TV-lift as the sliding lid will be deeper by 8.5 inches)
75 high (36 inches high if purchased with no TV-lift)
Shipping Dimensions:

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