26" Open Nightstand Single Drawer w/ Handle - Type 2 - Autumn Stain

SKU: 538

Nightstand With Single Handled Drawer, Single Shelf and Secret Compartment under Sliding Lid.


Custom Fit Tray Light
Custom Fit Tray Dark
Fireproof Bag Medium
Airplane Fire Containment Bag Small

Single Drawer Type 2 Nightstand Stealth Furniture Lifestyle from Stealth Furniture on Vimeo.

Nightstand With Single Drawer & Single Shelf
13.8” x 11” x 5.5” Secret Compartment under Sliding Lid. 
Available in 3 Finishes or Custom Color, with Push Latch, RFID Lock or Wireless Keypad Lock.
Accessories: Foam, Magnets, Fireproof Bags, Fire Containment Bags, Trays


Unpacked Furniture All Compartments Closed in Inches:

 25 wide
 18.25 deep
 26.5 high
Unpacked Furniture All Compartments Open in Inches:
 25 wide
 36.5 deep (allow this depth if you are going to remove the lid-actual depth may be a little less)
 26.5 high
Shipping Size: 30x28x21 [email protected]

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