26" Open Nightstand Single Drawer w/ Handle - Type 2 - Autumn Stain

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Nightstand With Single Handled Drawer, Single Shelf and Secret Compartment under Sliding Lid.

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Custom Fit Tray Light
Custom Fit Tray Dark
Fireproof Bag Medium
Airplane Fire Containment Bag Small

Single Drawer Type 2 Nightstand Stealth Furniture Lifestyle from Stealth Furniture on Vimeo.

Nightstand With Single Drawer & Single Shelf
13.8” x 11” x 5.5” Secret Compartment under Sliding Lid. 
Available in 3 Finishes or Custom Color, with Push Latch, RFID Lock or Wireless Keypad Lock.
Accessories: Foam, Magnets, Fireproof Bags, Fire Containment Bags, Trays


Unpacked Furniture All Compartments Closed in Inches:

 25 wide
 18.25 deep
 26.5 high
Unpacked Furniture All Compartments Open in Inches:
 25 wide
 36.5 deep (allow this depth if you are going to remove the lid-actual depth may be a little less)
 26.5 high
Shipping Size: 30x28x21 [email protected]

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