Fireproof Rifle/Art Bag Long-Rifle-Art-51x10x1

Custom Fireproof Rifle/Art Bag Long-Rifle-Art-51"x10"x1". Fits in 5-Drawer Dresser, 6-Drawer Dresser, Sofa/Console Table, Coffee Table. In some cases it will need to be stored diagonally in the compartment.

Our Fireproof Bag's carbon liner is made up of 2 different fibers. One does not burn or melt and has an LOI of >45. The other also does not melt and is self-extinguishing with an LOI of >28. Both fibers are naturally flame retardant and do not degrade with heat. Our proprietary layering has a center layer that is rated at 2,000 degrees (F) for short periods and 1,500 degrees (F) for sustained periods. The outer layer is designed to withstand full contact with molten metals. This metal coated material, along with our special DOUBLE FLAP HEAT GUARD makes this bag water resistant.

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