We can custom make a piece of our existing furniture for you or make something new or different. This form will help you give us information. Complete the Form or email us all of the information below at [email protected]

Every custom piece will be different but assume that if you start with one of our existing pieces that custom pieces will be a minimum of 30% over the starting price for the unit itself. Larger items will also have higher shipping costs. This form is a place for you to start dreaming and get the conversation started.

Contact Details

Let us know how we should get in touch with you.

Color Options

We currently use Sherwin Williams for our Java Black Enamel and Gray Colors.

Sherwin Williams Digital Color Wall

For any other color that you like please specify here:

Wood Options

We currently make our furniture mostly of oak. Hickory is an option in our normal page listing as well. If you would like something made out of a different kind of wood please note the wood type in the field here:

Alternate Dimensions

If you have a drawing on a napkin or a cad file or anything in between upload it here: