Why are we so keen on providing hidden compartment furniture for our customers? …There is no denying the overlying sense that trouble is on the horizon. Thanks to a broken and corrupt political system we as a nation have stretched ourselves too thin and often done so at the expense of other nations. Many of them are now doing everything they can to cut their dependence on the U.S. dollar and the U.S. market in general. Some of those nations even have ill intent towards the U.S. and her people… The security and stability we once enjoyed as American citizens will likely not be realized again; at least not without some serious upheaval (social, political, financial) between now and then. While we are slow to use fear tactics to sell our products, these are just cold facts that cannot be denied.

These facts are causing many to take action. Some people who would never have thought there was a need are now purchasing firearms. Others have begun to remove their assets from financial institutions to buy gold or other valuables that they can stash for themselves. For both the challenge becomes where to store these items in a safe/ secure place without going broke to do it..? ¬†Our hidden compartment furniture offers a variety of solutions both large and small that keeps your stash close at hand for fast access, but does so in a way that doesn’t rob your home of it’s warmth and comfort.

The fact is, many thieves today go straight for the safe and unless you have the most sophisticated of systems they are easy to crack (Don’t believe me? Check YouTube)…Statistics have also shown that most thieves are in and out of a home within just a couple of minutes. They go after the most obvious targets (safes, jewelry boxes, electronics) and get out. An inconspicuous piece of furniture will likely be the last place they’d think to look.

Compact Storage Options– Our secret compartment nightstands and end tables offer fast access in the 2 places you likely spend most of your time, the living room and the bedroom…

Long Storage Options– Our secret compartment coffee tables or sofa/ entry tables are perfect for shotgun storage and still offer plenty of room for other valuables.

We also offer hidden compartment mirrors that are a perfect hidden safe solution for the entry way (shown here with one of our fireproof storage bags)…

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