There is no denying today’s criminals are bolder and more capable then ever before. They know the longer they spend robbing a home the greater is the risk that they will be caught. A typical intruder will spend no more than 4-5 minutes within a home or business, so they rarely spend time looking for anything less than the obvious. Safes, jewelry boxes/ drawers, small electronics, and other such items will almost always be the first thing to go. Our secret compartment furniture is one solution. Designed with simple, clean lines it is meant to please the eye and offer security without intruding on the everyday feeling of warmth and comfort you want for your home. There are many pieces of furniture on the market today that resemble ours. We did this intentionally, so that you can rest easy knowing your secret compartment furniture draws little or no attention when a thief is only interested in the quick and easy prizes found elsewhere in your home. Combine this with the added security our fireproof bags offer and you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe and sound…

Check out our selection of secret compartment furniture… We think you’ll like what you see.


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