Here at Stealth Furniture “affordable” simply means inexpensive. Your secret compartment furniture piece is made in Northeast Indiana from some of the finest materials around. Solid lumber, veneer core plywood, Sherwin Williams finishes… All materials found in high end, custom cabinetry and furniture. Couple this with the fact that the craftsmen creating your furniture have been steeped in Amish woodworking traditions for over 30 years and you’ll soon realize that your purchase was a wise investment… When handled properly it will last a lifetime.

It is our goal to provide secret compartment furniture in a way that makes it possible for all to be able to afford it. We do this, not by cutting corners on quality, but rather by using lean manufacturing techniques and by offering a very focused ¬†selection that doesn’t wander all over the map (which then creates inefficiencies). We also cut your costs dramatically by designing hidden compartment furniture in such a way that allows it to be packaged within the weight/ size requirements for standard UPS. Our average shipping cost on¬†secret compartment coffee tables (our largest piece) is $45. If we did it any other way you could be easily spending upwards of $200 on shipping alone and may be forced to drive to a distribution center to pick it up… At Stealth Furniture, you process your order with a few clicks and then it is delivered right to your front door… In addition, we email a tracking number the day we ship, so you’ll know exactly which day you can expect your piece to arrive.

We’re grateful for your interest in our hidden compartments and encourage you to read the Before You Buy page.

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