We do offer Commissioned Sales…  In an effort to be sensitive towards our customers we don’t advertise out in the open too much. We prefer the word of mouth method… That’s where you come in.

Commissioned Sales:

Commissioned Sales are very straight forward. Do you think you can sell our secret compartment furniture and other products? We’ll give you a coupon code that your friends, relatives, classmates, business associates, and customers can use at check out. This code (specific to you or your business) will give them a 5% discount and flag us that you are due an 10% commission (Commission only available on orders over $200. Shipping costs are not included in this total). On a $550 order you make $55 without having done nothing more than give someone your code. You never have to stock any merchandise and you have zero liability. We’ll send you a commission check within 30 days…

For more info or to request the commissioned sales form use the contact info below…


Contact Us For More Details:

Call Lee Hershberger at 260-705-2283 or email him at lee@https://stealthfurniture.com


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