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Basement Storage (Store Your Secrets High and Dry)

Basements are wonderful places to go to workout, enjoy a movie, do crafts, or put all the kids toys out of the living room. Storing expensive video game consoles, or collections of photos or other items that you do not want to be damaged, should there be a flood or a burst pipe or any other catastrophe. Our Wide Dresser can help you store those items up off of the floor and also keep them safe. The back of the Wide Dresser even has a place where you can store your TV away! Our TV lift, lets you have the TV out when you want to work out or catch a game or a movie, but lets you store it away when you just want to do crafts or have the kids play with toys and not be engaged with screens. The wide top of our Wide Dresser is a great place to sort laundry, and there are six fully-usable drawers underneath that can be used to store clothing, extra sheets or linens, towels for guests or the pool. You could also just make the whole unit into a craft supply storage cabinet.


6-Drawer Dresser:

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If you have a collection of lego sets, puzzles, toys or other activities that you rotate out often depending on what your kids are into this week, this Wide Dresser is a great place to store it all. Whatever your basement storage needs are, Stealth Furniture has a solution that can keep your stuff high and dry and your secret stuff away from prying eyes and rising tides!